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    Welcome to the Weekend SitterThe Weekend Sitter is a unique babysitting service for busy mommies and daddies in need of safe, affordable, and fun childcare for running errands, shopping, nights out, trips out of town, or just some time to themselves. Since we are owned and operated by parents, we understand how hard it can be to find reliable babysitting services. We are located in Virginia Beach, and work with families all over Hampton Roads.

    We are different in that we provide our services in the evening and over the weekend. We are available on short notice and can accommodate sleepovers and weekend stays. We are not a daycare center and do not provide weekly, scheduled childcare.

    New!The Weekend Sitter now provides pet and house sitting! Click on SERVICES to learn more!

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  • Get to know The Weekend Sitter.

    Finding reliable, safe child care can be frustrating to say the least. I know because as a mommy, I could never find that right person to trust with my little one. Sure, you have family and friends, but they aren't always available. There were always so many daycare centers around, but that was not what I was looking for. I needed someone who could help out when I wanted to shop for Christmas, have a night out with my girlfriends, attend a work event, or go to the gym. I really just needed a babysitter... not a nanny or daycare. So, a few years back, I thought it would be a good idea to start offering babysitting services myself to help out other parents just like me.

    Welcome to the Weekend SitterMy service is a bit different than what most babysitters offer. I provide sitting here in my home on evenings and weekends. I have one child of my own that loves to play and share with other children. We don't sit in front of a TV all day, but rather play games, color, take walks, and sometimes even step out for a movie or some bowling. We love to share our home and our stuff with the kids that share their time with us. I do not take on large groups of children and don't do this just for the money. It's fun for us and we make sure your children have fun while here with us. My house is smoke-free, has a yard, and is located in a safe neighborhood near a park and playground. To see everything that I offer, check out the SERVICES section to learn more.

    For security and safety reasons, the Weekend Sitter's phone number and address will not be listed online. All requests for sitting are submitted here on the site. I will then contact you directly. I welcome all new families to stop by, meet us, and make sure we a good match for your sitting needs. I will never share, sell, or publish anyone's personal information when you provide it to me! Promise.

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  • We do it all! Well, not really... but close!

    The Weekend Sitter offers three cool services for busy families. Check out everything listed here and then if you have further questions, please ASK!


    The Weekend Sitter provides babysitting services for:

    • Grocery or Holiday Shopping
    • Night Out with Friends
    • Date Night for Couples
    • Out of Town Trips
    • After Work Events
    • New Year's Eve
    • Overtime
    • Doctor Appointments
    • Sleepovers
    • Long Weekend Stays
    • Sporting Events
    • Trip to the Gym

    Pet Sitting

    The Weekend Sitter provides pet sitting services that include:

    • Evening Walks
    • Weekend Pet Care
    • Feedings
    • Administer Meds
    • Change Litter
    • Playtime

    House Sitting

    The Weekend Sitter provides home sitting services that include:

    • Rotate Lights
    • Gather Mail/Packages
    • Water Plants
    • Stayovers
    • Care for Pets
    • Tidying
  • Now for the easy part... Our Rates

    Ok, ok... so you're asking yourself "how much does The Weekend Sitter cost??" Well, we like to keep our rates very simple and affordable. The list below outlines the general rates offered. Some situations are different, so just ask if you have an event or special request not listed below. Payments are due up front and must be in cash. PayPal is also an option.


    Babysitting rates are negotiable. All payments must be made at drop off.

    • Weekday Evenings
    • $10 per hour
    • Mon - Thurs until 11pm
    • Weekend Daytimes
    • $10 per hour
    • Anytime before 8pm
    • Weekend Evenings
    • $40 for 8pm - 2am
    • $50 sleepover until 9am

    Pet Sitting & House Sitting

    Pet sitting rates are for 30 minute visits.

    • $20 Per Visit
    • Lunchtime & Evenings
    • Visit w/ 20 min Walk
    • $85 per weekend - pets
    • $50 per weekend - house
    • Up to 8 visits Fri - Sun
    • $50 per day for stayovers
    • Friday night - Sunday
    • Non-smoking homes only

    Rates can be customized for all services. Babysitting rates are discounted for siblings, and The Weekend Sitter loves referrals. Send a friend this way and you could receive free hours of sitter time! The Weekend Sitter is very flexible and accomodating, so just shoot over a request if you have a special situation you want to disucss. I am sure we can work something out!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Our top ten questions parents ask at The Weekend Sitter.

    What will my kids do all day?

    Paint, play games, puzzles, read books, learn letters/numbers, go outside, go for walks, go to a park, etc. We will not just sit your child in front of a TV or video game. We want your kids to have fun and be themselves while with us.

    Where will they sleep?

    We have a spare bedroom available for sleep overs or naps.

    What will they eat?

    We provide fruit, veggies, sandwiches, soup, pretzels, and more for snacks/meals.

    Will you be taking them out and about?

    Sometimes we may go for walks or play at a nearby park, but we may even venture out to a movie or bowling alley. We always ask first.

    Do you provide weeknight sleep over service?

    Yes, by request only.

    Do you provide day time services during the week?

    Not for babysitting. Daytime pet sitting is available.

    Do you have room for play and fun?

    Yes we sure do! We have plenty of room for the kids to play with toys, games, books, and so much more.

    Do you have pets?

    Yes, the Weekend Sitter has two sweet kitties in the house. They are both declawed and very friendly.

    How do you accept payment?

    Cash or PayPal are our methods of payment.

    Do you know CPR and First Aid?

    Yes and Yes!

    Where are you located?

    Virginia Beach, but we help families all over Hampton Roads.

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